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August 2020

Jay Seegert

Jay is the keynote speaker and MD for The Starting Point Project. Jay has degrees in both Physics and Engineering Technology. He has been speaking internationally about the authority of Scripture for over 33 years. Married to Amy, they have two children. Jay has a passion for helping Christians strengthen their faith, while also offering a gracious challenge to the sincere sceptic.

Jay last joined us at T4Y in 2016, find his past talks here

Tim Palmer

New Tribes Mission (NTM) is a missionary organisation whose aim is to take the message of the Bible to remote people groups of the world. Tim Palmer is an American missionary who served with New Tribes Mission in Senegal. Tim is now a Bible teacher at New Tribes Mission North Cotes Bible College in Lincolnshire, UK. Tim is married to Joanne and they have three children. Tim and his wife Joanne are also on the steering group of Truth 4 Youth and have been a part of Truth 4 Youth since 2006.

Find all of Tim’s Teachings over the years here.

Recent Speakers

August 2019

Dr Jay Smith

Pfander Films (YouTube)

Jay grew up in India, the son of American Missionaries. Jay is now widely regarded as one of the leading Christian authorities on the historicity of early Islam and the Qu’ran. He has participated in many debates and has tremendous enthusiasm to share the Gospel with Muslims.

Jay joined us back in 2014, find those talks along with 2019’s here.

John Mackay

Director of Creation Research | Creation Research UK

John Mackay is the International Director of Creation Research and has been lecturing, leading field trips and doing field research for the last 30 years. His strong stand on God’s Word being true from Genesis to Revelation, combined with an exciting God given ability to communicate very effectively, enables John to open the scriptures concerning the creator.

T4Y talks featuring John.

Joseph Hubbard

Indiana Joe Blog | Genesis Museum of Creation | Creation Research UK

Indiana Joe is Joseph Hubbard. In 2014 he began to work with Creation Research, as a speaker, writer, and researcher. He also began to pursue his degree, which led to Natural Science, Archaeology and Zoology degrees. He is now an active part of Creation Research UK.

T4Y talks featuring Joe.

Joni Hudson

Foundation Matters

Foundation Matters is a Christian charity whose primary purpose is to build Biblical foundations in the lives of children and young people. Joni is the lead instructor on outdoor activities and is also involved in the teaching sessions. Joni loves to produce media resources for the ministry as well as Gospel tracts and is involved in local schools work and church outreach.

Joni’s T4Y teachings.

February 2019 – Philippians

Dr David Moore

Milton Baptist Church, Stoke-on-Trent  ( and Theological College of North Staffordshire (TCNS)

Tim Palmer

Biblical Studies Teacher at New Tribes Mission UK ( European Training Centre

Dr Daniel Moore

Missions Course Instructor at New Tribes Mission UK ( European Training Centre (No relation to the Dr David Moore above!)

August 2018

Gary Gilley

Senior Pastor at Southern View Chapel (

T4Y talks by Gary.

Alan Campbell

Associate Pastor at Bethesda Free Church, Sunderland ( which runs the Reach training conference each year.

T4Y talks by Alan.

Tony Brown

Cults Investigated (
previously called UK Partnerships for Christ

T4Y Talks by Tony.

John Williams

Working with PWMI (

February 2018

Meno Kalisher

Of the Jerusalem Assembly, Israel (

T4Y talks by Meno.

Jay Seegart

The Starting Point Project (
previously called the Creation Education Center

T4Y talks by Jay.

Tim Palmer

New Tribes Mission UK (

Look out for their Reach Youth conference. Register at Highly recommended by all at Truth 4 Youth.

Past Speakers

Carl Kerby
Reasons for Hope (

Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Jacob Prasch & Friends
Justin Peters
Dave Hunt and Tom McMahon

Hephzibah Marlow
(Regular meetings with excellent speakers) All meetings are held at 8.00 PM on the Third Friday of the month at Marlow C of E Infant School, Sandygate Road, Marlow, Bucks., SL7 3AZ unless otherwise stated.

Hephzibah Oxford