Truth 4 Youth

About Us

The Truth 4 Youth Christian Youth Conference first began in 2004 after it became clear to a group of concerned Christians that there was a very sad lack of good, sound, doctrinal teaching for our younger brethren to build them up and establish them for their future service in the Lord. We have prayerfully approached many Godly men over the years and have been blessed with some amazing teaching from world renowned and admired Bible teachers. Our focus has always and will remain to be the Lord Jesus Christ, the expounding of His Word and devotional teaching to equip young adults to be able to discern and apply the scriptures to their lives and to boldly go and carry forth the Great Commission given to us from the Lord Himself. With all this in mind we value your prayers as we endeavour to continue Truth 4 Youth into 2017 and beyond, God willing, until our Lord Jesus returns.

Photo Gallery

Photo’s of our times of fellowship together. Click on a image to bring up the gallery.